Kennedy Series: The Assassination

President John F. Kennedy was murdered, assassinated, and in it they threw the communists with Lee Harvey Oswald as the alleged assassin, and the therefore the beginning of the legendary lone-gunman theory.  It… Continue reading

Kennedy Series: Family overview

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 and died on November 22, 1963. He was the 35th president of the United States, and was the last of them to be true… Continue reading

Illuminati series: Conclusion

Spreading the wings of liberty, no, that’s not it, spreading the horns of fear, that’s what the Illuminati are all about. I cannot say anything else in a short conclusion, looking at this… Continue reading

Illuminati series: Their plan revealed

The Illuminati and their all-evil plan to overthrow all of the governments of our planet, and to form a united, one world government is slowly reaching its peak. They have followed the plan… Continue reading

Illuminati series: Detailed overview

The previous and first article of the Illuminati series covered the ground knowledge there is about the secret society. The Illuminist are lustful, power-hungry, reckless beings that take no regret in killing millions… Continue reading

Illuminati series: Enlightenment

The History series have ended and here we are to start yet another series of articles. As the name reveals I will be writing about the Illuminati and in detail this time. You… Continue reading

History series: The Middle-east agenda

Greetings once again fellow citizens of our lovely home. This is now the 5th and last article of the ‘History series’. Throughout the last four editions I have more thoroughly described some of… Continue reading

History series: Vietnam

Good day or evening to all of you. It has been two weeks since my last blog post and the reason for the two week span was because I was absent as I… Continue reading

History series: A war on humanity

Here we are once again, and I hope that many times more. As a prelude to the actual topic at hand I would like to ask you for some assistance. Getting regular visits… Continue reading

History series: Prelude to the end

Greetings once again dear truth seeker. Today’s blog is the sequel to the ‘History Series: The Beginning’ edition. Last time I concluded my blog with how the whole Conspiracy started, and today I… Continue reading