Greetings reader!

I would like to in-formally introduce myself with this first, initial blog of mine. I have decided to start speaking out to the World, or at least to some people that will care to have a peek at what I actually have to say. I will be writing about all sort of stuff, mainly about what I have learned throughout my ‘expedition’ of the unknown. To say it outright, my blogs are going to be about the happenings around the globe, all sort of theories, history and so on. Thus if you are willing to learn something new, something that will indefinitely fill you with knowledge then feel free to read my forth-coming blogs.

The blog is entitled as ‘Introduction’ so I better make a move on actually introducing who I am. The name is Domen, and I come from Slovenia and am eighteen years of age. I am interested in a lot of things, from things we all like – films, TV series, music, sports, books – to things that are not too common or better said are rare by some one as young as myself. You will learn about what I am talking about with reading my forthcoming blogs. If you ask yourself why I chose to write in English, then the answer is plain simple – it is an international language understood by most people, at least from the western society – who are the audience I aim at.

As vaguely stated above, I will be writing about the truth, about how the world is being run, about all sort of conspiracy theories, the beginnings and the endings. Basically everything I learned with my research. I have been educating myself, gathering knowledge for more than a year now. And it does take you this long to get all of this together, because it is very complex and it is not too simple to understand. First, you have to be enlightened with the concepts of it and basic theories – how it all began, their agenda and so forth. Later on can you fully understand what it is about.

Right now we live in a time where this knowledge and information is crucial, and those equipped with it will stand a chance against the enforcer, and the evil. I will try posting my blogs once a week, so be sure to check now and then to get new stories, theories and news. If you have got any questions, remarks or anything else then feel free to post a comment down below. There is no need to register so it is a quick and easy way to say hello. Anyway, this will be all for now. Visit again if you want to know something the vast majority does not.