The concept and methodology

This is still one of the initial blogs in which I will explain how I will do things, and what gain can you have from reading and spreading my blog site to other people.
In 2008 we entered into a world recession, and a world crisis. Major companies have gone down, many billionaires are now – officially – only millionaires, stocks have gone down by more than fifty per cent, and the nations of the Western world are in a great deal of trouble. I say nations of the West only because the other countries have always been economically weak. To add, we can count Japan, Russia, China and India to the Western countries, of course only economically.

The start of the Global Crisis has been given the fault mostly to the United States of America. The official version is as follows: “a loss of confidence by investors in the value of securitized mortgages in the United States resulted in a liquidity crisis”. The layman translation of this is that U.S’ banks gave loans to people without caring if they will be able to give the money back, creating an ever-growing debt that complemented the already existing debt from 1934. These are all good explanations of why this happened, however it is all a big fat cover-up. The crisis that we face and live in today was all fabricated, just like the Great Depression of the 1930’s, by the same people – Bankers, the Elite.
I won’t go into any details right now as there is a history blog to follow in the editions to come. Why I pointed this out is because we need to know – you need to know – why we are where we – society – are and why. We live in a world lead by powerful people that are in control of the major companies, and are the actual ‘leaders’ of our countries. In short – they control us.
Back to the purpose of my blogs: I will do everything in my power to ensure that I get this knowledge and information to as many people as possible. Just like David Icke, I too will not force you to believe anything. I will merely pass on the information, you on the other hand can do whatever you wish with it. You can acknowledge it, you can pass it on just like me or you can simply forget about it and have a laugh. The latter is the basic response by the way. I am going to write about everything I know about what I learned throughout this year and a half of searching for material to read and watch. If you will take a few minutes every week out of your busy schedule to visit this site you will be able to learn a lot without having to actually search for it — which would already take a considerable amount of time and by the end of it you might just lose the passion or time to actually go through reading it. It is a lot of material, really.

My word of advice right now is: If you are still watching the news, then be very critical to what they have to say. The majority of what the corporate media tells us is a lie and a cover-up. I have got no idea since when are people made to believe everything the officials tell them? We should always be contradicting our governments, always. A concept lost through time. The tube is the strongest weapon at their disposal [The Elites’], a weapon to hypnotize one. Now, when I say hypnotize do not go thinking about the magic of hypnotizing someone like you would see in a film. No, the way they do it is fill your sub-conscience with what they want you to believe – e.g Terrorism – and in time make you believe it, and you start thinking of it as your own opinion. It is not your own opinion, it is something you have been told over and over again. For instance, every newspaper is filled with terrorism, terrorists, terrorist threats and what-not. It is a very simple, yet cunning fear tactic. Remember, fear is a primal instinct and using that primal instinct they get you to think irrationally. The same thing is happening right now with the H1N1 swine-flu. You cannot fight the invisible, thus even the smartest minds will act abnormally when threatened. When fear covers our minds we crumble. Only a strong mind and the truth can free you of that.
It may seem aggressive on my part, but I urge you to forward any information you gather here or on any other sites similar to mine to your friends and family. Use the messenger, facebook, myspace, e-mails and so on. Put the word out there, it is time for a revolution. Remember though, time isn’t on our side. Any comments are welcome. I will not, however, appreciate any cursing. Be patient with every opinion, think it out and then react.