History series: Prelude to the end

Greetings once again dear truth seeker. Today’s blog is the sequel to the ‘History Series: The Beginning’ edition. Last time I concluded my blog with how the whole Conspiracy started, and today I shall tell you how it all progressed through time. We will make a jump at the start of the 20th century, in which time the Elite got empowered.

There are other factors that contributed to the rise of Bankers, such as both World Wars, however I will be disclosing that information on another date and will concentrate on a few other things today. The Elite that rose to power are the same the same people, the same families. The most prominent ones are the Rothschild’s, who are the lords of Europe, the Rockefeller’s and their American dynasty, the Morgan’s and so on. These are the more known names of the thirteen blood-lines of the Illuminati order. What they needed is a major break that would put them in power after a long wait. An opportunity for this would soon appear, and they took it without hesitation. Moreover, they made the opportunity themselves.

There are several key-points on how they ultimately put the U.S’ economy and government under their grasp. The initial break trough towards that goal was in 1907, when they wanted to push the legislation to create another Central Bank. However, the government and public were very weary of Central Banks so they had to create an incident that would change the opinion of the public. Thus, J.P. Morgan put out a rumor that a prominent bank in New York was bankrupt. He knew that this would inflict in a mass withdraws, resulting in a huge break-down and bankruptcy of several banks. In 1913, the Elite made their agenda come true. The Federal Reserve Act was passed through the congress with the help of the 28th president of the United States Woodrow Wilson, who was sponsored by the Banking Cartel and agreed to sign the Bill beforehand. This was the move that put in power the Federal Reserve System, the central banking system of the U.S. You should know that Central Banks never bring anything good, as too much power is put in the hands of too few. The founding fathers of the U.S were very much aware of that. The U.S has ever since the establishment of a Central Bank never been debt-free. Some un-official numbers say the debt is as high as 78 trillion dollars. If it truly is this high, it is quite obvious why the economy today collapsed as it could not be sustained when the debt of one country is larger than the combined GDP of the whole World. You do not have to be an economics expert to see that.

Woodrow Wilson has years later stated that it was a mistake in passing the bill through congress. He was very much right and we can see the results of his work in 2009. What happened next is the Great Depression of the 1930’s. The Banking Elite fabricated the crisis with the help of the so called ‘Margin Loan’. The Margin Loan made it possible for someone to buy a stock at only 10% of what it was worth and own the rest through a stock-broker. As much as this sounds great and all, it came with a very heavy price: the loan had to be given back in twenty-four hours time of notice. What happened was that days before the collapse the brokers called upon this resulting in an instantaneous massive sell off on the market, thus inflicting in a collapse of over sixteen thousand banks, enabling the Elite to buy both banks and large corporations at a very low price. The very same thing that Mayer Amschel Rothschild did a century before and the very same thing they have been doing over and over again. Make the economy collapse, buy everything at the lowest price possible and then build the economy back up. More and more belonged to the Bankers every time they did this.

Now there are a few things to understand here: For one, The Federal Reserve is a private corporation that has no ties to the government what so ever. It only masquerades as a federal institution. Secondly, it loans money to the government at interest and therefore inflicts in more and more debt. When they have to repay the loan to the FED, the government has to make another loan. The ironic part is that they have to loan it from the Federal Reserve because only they have the right to issue currency as it is a monopolistic organization, put in power by the Federal Reserve Act. Thus, a never ending circle. What happens is the FED puts out more and more money to cover the existing debt, resulting in an endless debt that is impossible to come out.

The Great Depression certainly was the worst era in the last two hundred years. Millions were jobless, several millions more were homeless. Starvation, hopelessness, depression, fear and anger is what filled their minds and hearts. At that point they would virtually sell themselves to the idea of a New World Order only to get something warm to eat. What we face nowadays is not the same, it is a lot worse. The economy is beyond repairing, it has been damaged far too severely and for far too long. There will be no New Deal to repair all of this. In fact, the New Deal is actually what put us here. It finally gave the Elite the power they were striving for. The banker of a president, Franklin D. Roosevelt was the one with the ‘great’ idea. The way this deal saved the economy of the U.S is that the FED gave a very large loan to the government, which in turn fixed the economic situation, if only temporary. This is the step that mortgaged the future of the American people, the start of the enormous debt the U.S faces today. It also put in place the Shadow Government, a government within the actual one in control of the core parts. Hence, every U.S president ever since has been a fraud, an actor and a puppet. There was only one, John F. Kennedy, who tried breaking free. He, his brother Robert and forty other associates tried contradicting them, and it came with a very high price, and a warning to any future president who might do the same. There is a rather interesting theory as to who was the one that caused the assassination of JFK, some one very much involved in his life. The name of this character will be revealed in the episodes to come.

Well, this would basically sum up the tent poles of how the United States of America got robbed from the hands of the citizens. This was the push that the Banksters needed in order to achieve their ultimate agenda: World Domination – one World government, a New World Order. It is quite hard to understand why these people would bother to achieve this agenda, when they already have everything they want. It is nothing else then greed, lust for power and the idea of them being more than other human beings. They have been raised that way, raised in the sense that they are gods and they can play with everyone’s lives and do whatever they wish for. “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” Visit my site next week for the upcoming blog. Another History Series sequel, or perhaps a new theory unraveled? Spread the word, and thank you for reading.