History series: The Middle-east agenda

Greetings once again fellow citizens of our lovely home. This is now the 5th and last article of the ‘History series’. Throughout the last four editions I have more thoroughly described some of the major events of the 20th century, including the two World Wars, Vietnam and the Great Depression. I have gone through the agendas, justifications and reasons for wars and financial crisis’ that we have had during our last century. If you have read all of the articles you should now be filled in with who the men behind the curtain are, the true masters of our society, the Elite. By now you should also know how the world is being run, and why we are in the economic state of today. Those who haven’t read any of the older editions, I encourage you to do so or else you will miss out on important details, and you will not be able to carry on reading because of the missing parts.

The Vietnam War ended with the United States as the definitive loser. Victory was never intended, as their only goal was to prolong the war in order for the Elite to achieve their hidden agenda. As always they have succeeded: They took out millions of Vietnamese people, created debt and made a fortune from the drugs they stole in the Golden Triangle. The U.S had no bigger escalations after 1975, however in 2001 a new ever-lasting war begun, a war far more critical for the success of the ones in power, the war on ‘terror’. The United States entered the ongoing coalition conflict on the 7th of October 2001. The goal of the invasion was the elimination of the non-existing terrorist organization called ‘Al-Qaeda’ and the apprehension of its apparent leader Osama Bin-Laden after the devastating attack on the World Trade Center towers alongside with a few other attacks on American soil. As with all other wars the United States has been engaged in, this is absolutely the same. However in this particular case they made a false flag attack on their own citizens in order to justify war in Afganistan and later Iraq and all the other countries of the Middle-east. The Elite’s agenda for Afganistan were the same as with Vietnam. Afganistan is the country with the biggest Opium production, therefore a great opportunity for The Illuminati to make massive profit. As I will further explain in editions about the Order to come, one of the ways how they make money is drug running.

The other hidden agenda, the monetary one: I will state it over and over again, even though you might have read it numerous times before; War comes at a great cost for a country. They need to fund it, and in order to fund it they borrow money from the Central Bank. The Central Bank loans them the money at interest. This is the basic way of how debt is created and enslavement is guaranteed. Another reason for the war is that they needed a military base in the Middle-east in order to expand to the neighbor countries in the years to come. Vietnam was different in one point: The U.S retreated, however this is a never-ending battle between the ‘coalition’ forces and the men, women and children of these unfortunate countries. Over a million citizens of Iraq were killed since the war started in 2003, half of them were children. This is just another proof that the Elite do not care what they have to do in order to achieve what they desire. They have been programmed from day one of their life, programmed to be ruthless monsters. You really have to wonder if these people are actually people or are they, as David Icke theorizes, abnormal beings for instance Reptilian humanoids? It is said that the Elite think and act from the reptilian (ancient and animalistic) part of their brains. This is called the ‘R-Complex’, the sources of the following behavioural traits: An obsession with ritual; cold-blooded behaviour; territorialism (“This belongs to me” mentality); obsession with “top-down” hierarchical structures. I will go into details about this throughout the ‘Illuminati series’. In the end, it does not really matter who they are or how they think. What matters is that we resist them, that we show our will to live on as free human beings, to live a normal life. The world has been in a state of slavery for the last fifty years. It is foolish when we think we are free when in fact that is quite far from the truth.

An interesting statistic shows that there were actually more deaths by guns in Washington D.C during a period of time than in Iraq. Washington D.C is one of them most law-strict states and they say there is s a war down in Iraq. The mass-media or the main-stream-corporate-controlled-media is again the saint telling us what is going on around the globe. Thanks to CNN, Fox News, BBC World News and so on, the majority of the Western population is acting tranquilized and is hypnotized by the lies they see and hear on the tube. If only they took a slight interest in what is actually happening around them, if only they would read about history instead of sitting in front of the box, they would be aware of what the Elite is doing: Bread and Circuses, as in Ancient Rome. It was so long ago and they already understood how humans work. You can only imagine the wide scope of techniques they have in order to control the ordinary person today. Unfortunately this is the state we have been in for the last century. Films, TV shows, books, sports and all these things that have an influence in our life are meant to make one’s mind busy all the time. The path we undertake as a child, teenager and an adult. First, we go through the long process of successfully or unsuccessfully completing our education and then we are sent off to the working life. School educations that take nearly twenty years could easily be shortened to ten years if only we would use more efficient methods and learning techniques.

As my teacher said, the school is the oldest and most outdated institution today. On purpose of course, you want to keep the population mindless, manipulated. The society we live in today puts you on a straightforward path. In order to have it all you have to obey the system, you have to go by the corrupt and merciless system. A great house, great car and a great wife is what everyone seems to want. Through education systems we are separated into social categories and are quite effectively divided. Divide and conquer. A strategy the Elite often undertakes.

The Elite seeks to imprison the human psyche in the left brain, the “rational” intellect which only believes what it can see, touch, hear or smell. The education system and the media are structured for this and most teachers, lecturers, scientists and journalists are left brain prisoners themselves.

I shall continue at the false flag attack that was 9/11, a date that will never be forgotten. The supposed terrorist attack on the towers inflicted in over 1300 casualties and a dark mark on the future of the United States, as well as the World. The 9/11 false-flag attacks brought numerous enactments of laws and bills, the most known and terrified one being the Patriot Act:“The Act increases the ability of law enforcement agencies to search telephone, e-mail communications, medical, financial, and other records; eases restrictions on foreign intelligence gathering within the United States; expands the Secretary of the Treasury’s authority to regulate financial transactions, particularly those involving foreign individuals and entities; and enhances the discretion of law enforcement and immigration authorities in detaining and deporting immigrants suspected of terrorism-related acts. The act also expands the definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thus enlarging the number of activities to which the USA PATRIOT Act’s expanded law enforcement powers can be applied.” Basically it means unauthorized spying on every U.S citizen, almost unlimited power if you are under the suspicion of being a terrorist and the deployment of more and more troops to patrol the streets of the all-so-great country, leading to Martial law and a police state. Eight years after the singing of the Patriot Act, the United States is right before a Martial law that will inflict in a Police State. Unofficially it has already been established, under the pretense of the big swine-flue emergency as Barack Husein Obama declared a few days earlier. Americans, there is a rough ride coming and my piece of advice is: Leave your country whilst you still can. Do not hesitate as it can cost you your freedom. A World Trade Center article will follow somewhere in the following editions so I will not go into details about what really happened on the tragic day.

Today’s article was quite mixed and with various topics within the edition. I hope you will continue visiting my blog-site, and I hope you will become a part of the core-readership. Share what knowledge you have attained and make a difference yourself.