Illuminati series: Detailed overview

The previous and first article of the Illuminati series covered the ground knowledge there is about the secret society. The Illuminist are lustful, power-hungry, reckless beings that take no regret in killing millions of people as it is only a game in their mindset. For the placement of the New World Order their desire is the depopulation of Earth as it is a necessary deed to be done in order for the one World Government regime to fall in place rightfully.

A more subtle form of depopulation has been going on for quite some time now in the continent of Africa, where they used the women, children and men as test subjects in Eugenics. This is all so unknown because no one really knows what goes on down there. The media is under their control, and so is the United Nations, UNICEF and other health organizations. Contributing to Eugenics are also many billionaires, who are funding all sort of Eugenic programs, for instance the private Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Eugenics has now spread to the Western countries as well, where its leaders are boldly stating that depopulation is a must in order for humanity to survive. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown has said that the population of the United Kingdom must be cut down to below 30 million, which is absolutely absurd. The World can sustain many more inhabitants, however we are told otherwise in order for them to carry out their plans easier. Many countries will and already are claiming that the food supply is scarce. An example is the State of California: What they are doing there is intentionally diverting the water supply away from one of the world’s most productive agricultural regions, the Central Valley. “The Central Valley is a large, flat valley that dominates the central portion of the U.S. state of California. It is home to many of California’s most productive agricultural efforts. The valley stretches approximately 400 miles (640 km) from north to south. Its northern half is referred to as the Sacramento Valley, and its southern half as the San Joaquin Valley. The Sacramento valley receives about 20 inches of rain annually, but the San Joaquin is very dry, often semi-arid desert in many places. The two halves meet at the shared Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta of the Sacramento and San Joaquin Rivers, a large expanse of interconnected canals, streambeds, sloughs, marshes and peat islands. The Central Valley is around 42,000 square miles (110,000 km2), making it roughly the same size as the state of Tennessee.”

Another example of the depopulation plan is the H1N1 pandemic hoax. It was stated several months ago by ‘experts’ that the flu might kill a few hundred thousand people. Well, it didn’t even kill one percent of the estimate. Moreover, we cannot trust the statistics as they are faulty and the numbers are even lower than officials say. The H1N1 hoax has been built up for one reason only: Using the main-stream-media to influence millions of people into taking the lethal flu vaccines. The shot contains adjuvants such as Thiomersal which contains Mercury, a highly toxic chemical. Think again before you consider taking the deadly shot. Things are not as easy though, as the Elite won’t just let us say no to it. Forced vaccinations are already taking place, for example in the health care sector. Take it, or lose your job and your future. However this is not all. The Elite will use the pandemic and the emergency as a cover-up to enforce a police state. They will and already have set the up so called ‘Choke-points’ (yes, Choke-points) in each U.S state (Of course the United States first, later the rest of the World, or at least the Western hemisphere), and prevent you from passing it unless you have taken the vaccination. They will know if you took it by checking an iron bracelet attached to your hand (It has been documented that these bracelets have been arriving at various police stations around the country.) If you did not take the vaccine yet, you will then be asked to take it on place or be sent to a FEMA camp with a bus, much like in Nazi Germany. You get to choose: either slow homicide or slow suicide. I would say that there is something worse than the current H1N1 influenza coming, as this little virus probably isn’t enough to initiate that, or is it? Remember, the Illuminati control the media, the politicians and the military. What else do they need? Why the wait you might ask yourself. Well, I believe that not all pieces of the puzzle are set in place yet, but they will be very shortly. Can we do anything about it? I would really love to say yes here, but unfortunately I am content from doing so. I say, live and let live until we still can.

Back to the Illuminati order and the structure of it: In order for the Illuminati to maintain power they must be economical, they must earn money. Last time I wrote down sources of income, now I will further detail them.

Drug running: the Order linked up with the Mafia and the Columbians, years ago, to help each other out with bringing drugs into the United States. They also provide couriers for taking drugs and money out of the States. The Illuminists are generally wealthy businessmen, who have 4 layers of people underneath them. The fourth layer down actually has contact with the people in the drug industry. They never identify themselves as Illuminists; only as people interested in investing, with a guaranteed profit, and are highly secretive. In return, the local groups supply people willing to be couriers of money or drugs, or people willing to help cover for the local operations.

Pornography: the Illuminati are linked in many cities with pornography/prostitution/child prostitution/ and white slavery sales. Again, several layers are present, as a buffer, between the true “management” and those either engaged in the activities, or in paying for/funding and eventually being paid for the activities.

Children are often supplied from the local cult groups, and taught to be child prostitutes (and later, adult prostitutes); are photographed and filmed in every type of pornography available, including “snuff films” and violent films.

Gun running: the Illuminati and other groups are also involved in international gun sales and shipments. The Illuminists have well trained couriers who will cross international and state lines. These couriers are highly secretive, and will not reveal their sources, on pain of suicide or assassination. These people are accountable to others above them, with two more “buffer layers” of people above these, before the person in the Illuminati with money, who helps fund this, is found.

Buying access codes for military computers: they will have people from all strata of civilian life trained to go and make pickups near or on military bases. A typical person used might be the innocent looking wife of a military person, a local businessman, or even a college student. There is a contact inside the base, also a dissociative Illuminist, who brings the information to the outside contact. Occasionally, the contact person is paid with money, information, or goods. The military computer codes are changed on random schedules; the Illuminati have at least 5 or 6 contacts on each major base, who alert them when the codes are getting ready to change, on pain of death. The Illuminists like having access to military computers, because that will gain them entrance to closed files the world over.

Hiring and selling assassinations: this is done worldwide, more in Europe than in the States. These people are paid big money to do either private or political assassination. The money is paid either to the assassin, or to the trainer; usually they both divide the fee. The assassin is offered protection in another country for awhile, until the trail runs cold. If the kill is done in Europe they may be sent to the Far East or the U.S. and vice versa if the kill is done in the U.S. The Illuminati have a wide arena of places and false identities to hide these people, unless for some reason they want the assassin disposed of as well. Then, he/she is caught and immediately executed.

Mercenaries/military trainers: guess who gets paid money to come in and train paramilitary groups? Who has training camps all over the states of Montana, Nevada, and North Dakota? Who occasionally will offer their expertise in return for a large financial reward? They never advertise themselves as Illuminati, unless the group is known to be sympathetic to their cause. Instead, these are tough, cold, brutal military trainers, who offer to teach these groups in return for money, or even better, a promise to affiliate with their group in return (loyalty in return for knowledge). More and more paramilitary groups have been brought into the Illuminati this way, without their full knowledge of who and what the group really is. This gives the Illuminists a way to monitor these groups (their trainers report on them, and their activities), and it can be useful to have trained military groups that they can call on someday.

Banking: the original Illuminists were bankers, and they have highly trained financiers to organize their money, and funnel the above illicit funds into more “respectable” front groups/organizations. They will also start benevolent charities, community organizations, etc., as fronts, and funnel the money from a broad base into these groups. The Illuminati particularly pride themselves on their money making and manipulation skills and their ability to cover their paper trails expertly through layer after layer.

All banking trails eventually lead to Belgium, the Illuminati financial center for the world. These are some of the major money making enterprises that the Illuminati are engaged in. They have a lot of financial resources, backing their enterprises, which means that in reality they can engage the best lawyers, accountants, etc. to help cover their trail as well.

The Illuminati have tentacles everywhere, and truly everywhere. They are engaged in every social aspect of the society. They have people on every position you can imagine. The power of the order is immense, and you have to look at it very globally and in a wide spectrum. They influence and decide every major step that a country takes. No administration, president or prime minister have any real influence, for they are only puppets, actors, front-men.

Next I will further list the jobs within the Illuminati order. As stated in the previous article, the people on these positions are very highly trained. They need to be excellent at their jobs, and they need to do it without questioning the cause. Thus, the Order goes through a certain number of programming on each individual in order to make them their foot-soldiers. Many Illuminists are recruited in a young age and are programmed to be totally delusional. They are usually children of the existing members of the secret society.

Informers: these people are trained to observe details and conversations with photographic recall. They are trained to report to their local cult leader or hierarchy, or trainer, and will download large amounts of information under hypnotic trance. Detailed knowledge of conversations or even documents can often be retrieved in this manner. They are often used as “plants” to gather information in both governmental settings, and within the cult meetings.

Breeders: they are often chosen from childhood to have and breed children. They may be chosen according to bloodlines, or given in arranged marriages or cult alliances, to “elevate” the children. A parent will often sell the services of a child as a breeder to the local cult leader in return for favors or status. These children are rarely used as a sacrifice; usually they are given to others in the cult to adopt or raise, but the breeder is told that any child born to her was “sacrificed” to prevent her looking for the child. Occasionally, in anarchical cults, a local leader or parent will have a child as the result of an incestuous liaison. Such a child is given away or killed, but the mother will be told the child was given away to a distant branch, and must be given up.

Prostitutes: prostitutes can be a male or female of any age. They are trained from earliest childhood to give sexual favors to one or more adults in return for payment to the child’s parents or their local cult group. Occasionally, the prostitute may be given to a member of the cult, on a temporary basis, as a “reward” for a job well done. Child prostitution is a big business for the cult, and training very young children in this role is taken very seriously. Child prostitutes are also used to blackmail political figures or leadership outside the cult.

Pornography: a child used in pornography (which may include bestiality) can also be of any age or sex. Child pornography is also big business in the cult, and includes snuff films. Children are trained in this role from preschool on, often with the help or approval of the child’s parents. The parents are paid or given favors by the cult in return for selling their child or allowing their child to be trained in this area.

Media personnel: these are very bright, verbal people. They will be sent to journalism school and will work for local or regional media upon graduation. These individuals have many contacts within the organization as well as the outside world. They write books and articles sympathetic to the Illuministic viewpoint without ever revealing their true affiliation. They will tend to do biased research in their articles, favoring only one viewpoint, such as denying the existence of DID or ritual abuse. For instance, they will interview only psychiatrists/psychologists sympathetic to this viewpoint and will skew data to present a convincing picture to the general public. If necessary, they will outright lie or make up data to support their viewpoint. There are members of groups whose people have been purposely trained to try and help formulate public opinion on the nonexistence of the cult (i.e., cults don’t exist, no rational person would believe this “mass hysteria”). The Illuminists believe that to control the media is to control the thinking of the masses. For this reason, they take training media personnel quite seriously. Helpers at rituals Cleaners clean up meticulously after rituals. They will scour the site after a ceremony, rake the area, etc. They are taught this job from preschool years on.

Preparers: set up tables, cloths, candles, and paraphernalia quickly and efficiently. This job is learned from infancy on.

Readers: read from the book of Illumination or local group archives; they also keep copies of sacred literature in a safe vault and are trained in ancient languages. Readers are valued for their clear speaking voices and ability to dramatize important passages and bring them to life.

Cutters: are taught to dissect animal or human sacrifices (they are also known as the “slicers and dicers” of the cult). They can do a kill quickly, emotionlessly, and efficiently. They are trained from early childhood on.

Chanters: sing, sway, or lead choruses of sacred songs on high holy occasions.

High Priest/Priestess: the person who holds this job is changed every few years in most groups, although it may be held longer in smaller, more rural groups. These people administrate and lead their local cult group as well as coordinate jobs within the cult, give assignments, and pass on meeting dates given from the local hierarchy or leadership council. They also will activate the local group’s telephone tree, evaluate their local group members for job performance, and lead in all spiritual activities. They report to the local or regional leadership council over their group.

Trainers: these people teach local group members their assigned jobs and monitor the performance of these jobs at local group meetings or after an assigned task. These people report to the high priest/priestess over their group, as well as to the local head trainer on leadership council.

Punishers: these are the people who brutally punish/discipline members caught breaking rules or acting outside of or above their authority. They are universally despised by other cult members, although they will be praised for a job well done by the local high priest or priestess. Usually physically strong, they will employ any method deemed necessary to prevent a recurrence of the undesired behavior. Punishment may be public or private, depending upon the severity of the infraction. Each local group has several punishers.

Trackers: they will track down and keep an eye on members who attempt to leave their local group. They are taught to use dogs, guns, tasers, and all necessary tracking techniques. They are also adept at using the internet to monitor a person’s activities. They will track credit card use, checks written, and employ other methods to find a missing person.

Teachers: these people teach group classes to children to indoctrinate cult philosophy, languages, and specialized areas of endeavor.

Child care: these people care for very young children when the adults are at local group meeting. Usually care is for young infants only. After age two, children are routinely engaged in some form of group activity led by trainers of the youngest children. Infant child care workers are usually quiet and coldly efficient.

Couriers: these members run guns, money, drugs, or illegal artifacts across state or national lines. Usually they are people who are young and single without outside accountability. They are trained in the use of firearms to get out of difficult situations. They must be reliable and able to get past any anticipated barriers.

Commanding officers: these people oversee military training in the local groups and help ensure the smooth running of these exercises. They will delegate jobs to those ranking under them and are responsible to the local leadership council. The council will have at least one member on it representing the military branch of the Illuminati. In addition, there are many military- related jobs beneath the commanding officers.

Behavioral scientists: these individuals often oversee the training in local and regional groups. These students of human behavior are intensely involved in data collection and human experimentation in the name of the pursuit of knowledge of human behavior in the scientific realm. They are almost universally cold, methodical, impersonal people and will employ any methods to study trauma and its effects on the human personality. Their main interest centers around implementing programming and cult control in the most efficient and lasting manner.

The Illuminati secret society is a very smooth-working machine. They are very well organized and they know exactly what they are doing. The majority of what they do is carefully planned. They leave no space for surprises or turn of events.

The latest push for the One World Government will happen at the Copenhagen Climate Conference, which is taking place from the 6th to the 18th of December. They are trying to use the global warming hoax as a means to push their agenda into place. I will reveal more about their plan to conquer the World in the next article about the secret society. Besides that I will also go into detail about their various programming techniques and methods. As always, spread the word and stay safe.