Illuminati series: Conclusion

Spreading the wings of liberty, no, that’s not it, spreading the horns of fear, that’s what the Illuminati are all about. I cannot say anything else in a short conclusion, looking at this blank paper, who dares me to start rambling on about them. I have, relatively vaguely, explained how the Illuminati secret society operates, what their ultimate goal is and ways of achieving said goal. I say vague because there are so many more things behind them, many things I cannot even start writing about because they are so dark, so utterly universal and powerful that I am nothing but confused about it, therefore I will not confuse you with too, not just yet.

They have sprung their terrible influence, power and liberty-taking demeanor to every corner of the planet we inhabit, if only for a very short, yet important time. Indeed, an individual’s path is over relatively fast, thus every moment has to be cherished, valued as an experience, either good or bad. We should strive to live life to our full potential, a potential that various from one person to another. Ones having the luck and luxury others do not, being someone with sufficient assets to support themselves and their families, someone with predisposed qualities and predisposed value of livelihood. Life ought to be simple in a way that you do not need to tear your arms apart to be able to have a quality time. We, all, ought to be able to have a considerable amount of spare time, be able to travel, go out to dinner now and again, buy clothes and many other accessories from our dear capitalistic machines, but nevertheless, we should be able to do so. Most of the western society’s population is able to afford a vacation now and then and when I say most I mean on the cutting edge of minority, as each year the number of people that can afford luxury is getting lower, especially since the start of the world crisis we find ourselves in nowadays.  On the other hand or on the other side of the world and the big majority of Earth’s population has not got the luck, means or luxury to do what many of us here take as absolutely granted. They reside in total poverty and find it difficult to even reach the basic, day-to-day, needs. These, poverty-stricken countries, fall under the name of 3rd world nations, and are a true testament of the ruthlessness and careless behavior of the western world. These countries have been drained utterly and completely dry and they have almost nothing to show for themselves, as for decades now multi-corporations have used their cheap labor as a means to strive in business, as a means to enrich the few and deprive the natives of these nations of everything they have. As with everything, they find excuses on these topics and most of them are quite valid with the every-day European or American, as if they are helping these, developing countries, with giving them work this way, loans and what not.  Heck, they cannot even be called developing countries as, truthfully, they are not developing at all. They simply do not have the ability to develop as the IMF, the United Nations and the World Bank take everything from them as soon as they have anything to give.  It is the way the Illuminati achieve dependence of the population on the government, and their institutions, banks.  They give them huge loans that come with a great interest with it. For example, Paraguay’s loan is so huge, that it has to pay the World Bank back more than it makes monthly, forcing them to make other loans, raise the taxes and thus, take everything away from its citizens. That is the bold truth. How can we live peacefully with eighty per cent of the world being in poverty? Why are we satisfied with the way it is, and generally do not even think about these things? I believe this is where the human factor kicks in: our ignorant, arrogant, greedy nature and our self-centered functionality. The Illuminati millennia old plan to unite the world under one banner has arrived. It us flourishing, and we are giving it power with our misleading confidence in our leaders who were put in place by the multi-corporations, banking and oil cartels, or in short – The Illuminati. You have to know that for to understand why they are doing this you have to be or at least act in-humane.  It is the only way to understand their motives behind their plan, as they are not human, either metaphorically or not. At this moment I remember a distinctive quote of Nicholas Cage’s character in The Lord of War: They say, “Evil prevails when good men fail to act.” What they ought to say is, “Evil prevails.

Evil does prevail, in all ways possible. You might deny it, but just take a look around you, take a good look and tell yourself that it is not true. I am sure everyone will find out that, in fact, this is the very essence of the truth. Evil prevails, and it is not good that does. Good conquers evil only in fiction, only there will light have dominance over darkness. And it is deliberately created the way it is in order to sustain our good faith in the World, our fellow citizens and our system.  The influence of the Illuminati is felt everywhere, without a doubt. The filming industry is their means of propaganda and Hollywood is their weapon of mass-destruction, alongside all of the corporate-controlled mass-media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, BBC and so many more.

The Illuminati have succeeded to a great extent in dividing the social order. Nowadays, you are born into the World, and you are already divided, either by race, gender, social position and most of all, physical appearance. Throughout the past few decades it has, through media and fiction, become all-so-important to have a physical appearance that stands up to standards set by them. Thus, those who do not achieve these predisposed standards, may be cast away, and as I observe, are always secluded. Meaning, those with a less-classical appearance will stick together. This is the basic form of how they divide us. The culture has turned to become occult, racist and eugenic as the modern man has to be perfect in order to fit in.

They have come a long way, and have infiltrated and manifested themselves firmly in the minds of the masses through the means of our subconsciousness, an information gathering media. However those, relatively, few that are able to free themselves from their influence stumble upon lies on every corner. Once you are enlightened, I assure you that you will be able to fight against them, as you then have the ability to control your own mind, to see through the orchestrated lies, and grasp the truth.  Once you have achieved the level of freedom that I have, you will spot the Illuminati signature moves everywhere around you. Lately I have been seeing symbols of the order in almost every third, fourth film I have watched. As you know films can give one a real good view on something, motivation and another aspect on life itself. However, choose the correct ones and learn from them, be openly minded and think for yourself. Do not let anyone think for you, and think not twice, but three times before you make a move or after you are told the ‘truth’ by the media, by the politicians, by corporate scum. Think, and rethink and then come to your own conclusion. Do not let yourself be lead into manipulation anymore.  Be independent, free in spirit and mind. Think outside the box and do what is best for you, and be good to your friends and family.  Educate others and share the knowledge you have attained. You will feel good doing so.

If we are to ignore history, then we will definitely repeat it. There is still a fighting chance as things are getting unveiled, the truth coming to the ground. Of course in a very vague manner as the truth is not covered by the media portals, stations, that the majority watches, listens. For example Al Gore long deceit of the general population with the global warming scam. Some white-hat hackers were able to hack into University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit, which had thousands of mails between Al Gore and the lead scientists. Many of them were how to make fraudulent data, how to cover up the truth and deceive the World. Well, the truth came out in a very minor way, and after the Climate Gate conference in Copenhagen, we are on the way on a global taxation of carbon dioxide, the alleged leading polluter. When the global tax is in power it will completely change all of the aspects in our life. What we eat, what we drink, what we buy, what we use, how we live in our homes, how many children we have, everything. This will mean total invasion of privacy and the ceasing of freedom, all of it done by no consent of the people. The fictional democracy we have been living in has, by the looks of it, also ceased to exist.