Kennedy Series: Family overview

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 and died on November 22, 1963. He was the 35th president of the United States, and was the last of them to be true in his position. Well, not quite. I have to say that I was fond of his presidency, as I initially thought he was a president as one should be. Indeed, John F. Kennedy was a popular president, and his popularity succeeded his work after his assassination. The nation was bleeding. It was long ago that a president has been taken away from them. However, underneath the whole coating of presidency JFK was no different than every other president in the 20th century, with the exception of a few. JFK had a very active sex life, even after he was married to Jackie Kennedy, and even after he got elected as president, though that is a very different aspect from the political one. Although, I do not mind such activities as that is their private life, however many with argue that public figures do not have private lives in a sense. That aside, what you have to understand is that he derives from a very powerful family, the Kennedy-Fitzgerald, thus he was not elected by chance, but was elected by choice of the Elite. To be exact, he was put in position by his father, Joseph Kennedy and none other than Aristotle Onassis, the kingpin and drug lord. Both Joseph and Aristotle were Illuminati members on top positions as well. Before I continue with the presidency and the assassination I will go into some detail about the Kennedy family.

There are many versions and theories of how and where the Kennedy family got started, however there are clear indications that the origins of the family is in Ireland. They are the descendents of Brian Born, also known as Brian Caeneddi, and his nephew who spelled it Cinneide. After that the name was O’Kennedy, and ultimately Kennedy, the name known to us today. The Kennedy family abounds with marriages to names such as Collins, Humphreys, Freemans, James, Phelps, Reagans, Russells, and Smiths. There are over 200,000 Kennedys in the United States and we cannot put them all in one boat, quit to the contrary, only a few are the elitist Kennedys. We are going to take a closer look at the ones related to the Fitzgeralds, a powerful Irish family. Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis who married John F. Kennedy was tied to the Auchinclosses via her sister’s marriage into the Auchincloss family. The Auchinclosses are Scottish bloodline of the Illuminati. “One can fairly hear the woof and tweet of history whistle through the names of the ramified Auchincloss tribe: Bunt, Grosvenor, Rockefeller, Saltonstall, Tiffany, Vanderbilt and Winthrop among others.” We can see a pattern as with royal families where they have numerous intermarriages with other royal families, or in this case, powerful and influential Illuminati-related families. There is a lot more to the history and origins of the Kennedy family however I do not think going into such detail will do us any good. I will, instead, concentrate on one person and his ultimate doom, John F. Kennedy that is of course.

As I was saying JFK was no different than any other president. He was corrupt as ever, however there is the factor of his assassination. Why would they eliminate their political forefront if it does them good as they [The Illuminati] have put him there? It is quite simple. He turned against them, not only John, but also his brother Robert and some forty other men. They formed some kind of operation against the Illuminati, but mostly against kingpin magnate Onassis.  What he got out of it is nothing, but a warning for any future president who would try doing the same somewhat heroic, although invisible and unsuccessful move.  The legend goes that Lyndon B. Johnson was called on the phone in mid-air whilst travelling from Dallas to Washington D.C., and was told if he was to make any moves on his own or not follow exact orders the plane will go down, making America without a president completely.

Question remains, why was JFK assassinated. Did he know too much or was he intending to put a stop on the war? It was probably both, as he was fighting Onassis and Vietnam was his war. A said story and a testament to the situation in the society that one man or one organization is able to be so strong as to control the whole nation’s effort. Vietnam was nothing more than a war for resource reasons [drugs], to destabilize communism and implement a capitalistic regime, as well as to put one’s own country to even bigger debt. War is the most lucrative thing for the Illuminati.

Aristotle Onassis showed the power of the secret society with being arrogant enough, being sure enough to assassinate a president in front of the whole nation. This was yet again a testament that there is no fighting against them, not directly.  If anything can be done than it has to be done on a different level. The General public needs to be informed, and that same public needs to carry out that message, it needs to spread like a virus.

This would conclude the short history-overview of the Kennedy family, and the fate of the 35th president of the United States.